Harnessing Collective Intelligence

The network users who changed their habits because of the web 2.0 emerged in the new era. Even  they provided more valuable informations to others rather than simply surf the internet. This idea is a one of the concept of web 2.0, which is called as harnessing collective intelligence.

Although, web 2.0 gives users to add, remove or modify the content better than other traditional web pages who are designed by one or more editors.

According to Tim., 2005. The principle behind the success of the giants born in the web 1.0 era who have survived to lead the web 2.0 era appears to be this, that they have embraced the power of the web to harness collective intelligence.

One of the good example of harnessing collective intelligence was Wikipedia. Before people start to use web 2.0, they achieved their knowledge from textbooks and magazines. The result of that, the information is not sharing with each others. But wikipedia allows users to add and modify their thoughts which users can build up a strong content in the wikipedia. As a result of that, wikipedia grows rapidly.

Anyhow, there was a huge disadvantage in wikipedia, which is an information could be unreliable. Because everyone able to add, modify and delete the content in wikipedia. Although, the people who editing the content are not in professional background. So they do not have much education regards the topic. Anyway they are able to do anything such as posting or editing the content which is not exactly a relevant information. But lots of users are easily believe these news.

As a result of harnessing collective intelligence, user able to find the information over the internet. But the most problem is the information which is found from the internet is not relevant to their purpose. So user has to choose journal article or some preferred database for their purpose.


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Briefly introduction about Web 2.0

This is the first blog post in this wordpress blog. At first I would like describe a brief induction of Web 2.0. Then, I would give some of the tools that are using in Web 2.0

What is Web 2.0..?

There are so many definition will come up when you search on the internet but as simply its described as a World Wide Web. Furthermore web 2.0 are focusing on collaborating and online sharing information to the people. However, This short video clip gives you a simple idea about Web 2.0.


Web 2.0 Tools

The major advantage was free of charge. As a result of this, users able to use these tools without paying. How ever, there are few web 2.0 tools are becoming famous such as social networking, podcasting, picture sharing. In my point of view ,the people who are used web 2.0 tools able to express their thoughts and ideas in a proper way. Also user can display or download any type of video up to eight different languages.

There are few examples of web 2.0 tools.


Social Network

This video gives you a simple idea.



“Blog” is an abbreviated version of “weblog“, which is a term used to describe web sites that maintain an ongoing chronicle of information. A blog features diary-type commentary and links to articles on other Web sites, usually presented as a list of entries in reverse chronological order.

However, the following video gives you brief idea about blogs.


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Welcome to my blog

I’m a undergraduate student. This is my second semester in QUT. My point of view, sharing our ideas and connecting people are the two major components of this subject.

Creating like this blog would be helpful to improve our knowledge and encourage to share our ideas with class mates and other people. Also we are able to create an own digital identity on the internet.

How ever, In the coming weeks I will be discussing in my blog the impact of Web 2.0 applications and the changes they are bringing about.

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