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Data Is the Next “Intel Inside”

In early age, Web 1.0 and internet has extended people’s view for data. because the data is very important to them such as research and students subjects. After Web 2.0 era came, the data has been increased and changed a lot. In addition, the website includes data, which provides usage or intelligent interaction. Also, the web 2.0 has changed the way people and organisations manipulate and search for the information. Data has been available and shared through a large variety of websites from online services such as social networks to online banking.

Most of the data carrying sensitively, which can compromise millions of people and others are relies on its data to operate and survive such as Google’s web services, Wikipedia’s database, Youtube’s database of video library, eBay’s database of sellers and products, Amazon’s database of products and MapQuest’s map databases.

There are some core rule for data of Web 2.0, which are,

     * Enhance the core data  – Requires data to be used as aggregated way and more comprehensive structure.                      Eg. tags and ratings.

    * unique data source – Web 2.0 need to unique data source which becomes more competitive. For an example. Navteq (digital mapping data) spent US $ 700 million data set. After that Google bought that data from Navteq.

 *  Let them to control their own data  –  User has to have an authorisation to edit or upload their own data. Also website need to make some rules and regulations to protect their customers.

Google Analytics

“Google Analytics” would be a good example to show that how important the data inside is for Web 2.0 application. The basic function of Google Analytics is the ‘ data monitoring’. Also, this software allows users who created their own blogs or websites to see the number of traffic that they are getting to their site and how users can enhance their visitor experience.

However, this free data monitoring software is specially for marketing companies. Because this tool allows companies to see if their brand of advertising is being effective from drawing in customers. Also, this software has showed how data collect and show that data to customer using in a yearly timeline view. More over, the user can enter specific types of data and compile that data into a graph or chart by using different filters.

Apart from that, currently this software is using by large social network such as twitter, youtube and wordpress. Because its a free of charge software to use it and made by Google company.

This is a video of Tom Leung describes how to implement a variety of testing scenarios using Websire Optimizer.


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