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Innovation in Assembly

Innovation in Assembly is a method of using a platform through gathering sources from the multiple services and transforming that gathered sources into one platform service. As a result of this services, users are getting attract to the services and start to access these services.

What is a platform?.. According to the Musser., John, 2007., Platform is a system, which can be programmed by programmers and developed by outside developers. Also he mentioned, if you able to program it, that would be a platform as well and if can’t then it’s not.

What is a API..? According to the Ross., Dave, API stands for An Application Programming Interface. Basically its a web tool. Also it’s a set of programming instructions and standards for connecting a based software. Although, a software company release their own API to the public, other companies or developers able to design some tools or products, which are powered by its service.

Apart from that, API is software to software interface which means applications to application talk each other without any user input or knowledge. Also, API resembles Software as a Service which is called as Saas. That means developers who develops software do not need to start from scratch every time when they write a program. Also,they can use instead of creating one core application which tries to do everything such as messaging, chatting. Even though, same software able contract out specific responsibilities to remote that software that does it better.

Moreover, there are more common platforms on the world wide web. There are, Web services APIs, Amazon web services API including EC2 and S3, web services protocols such as REST and SOAP, Social network APIs such as Facebook API, YouTube API, Twitter API, Google API/ Map API.

YouTube API

Youtube is the world largest live video sharing website and created by three former Paypal employees in 2005. The main purpose of this web site are user can upload, share and view videos. So YouTube API’s and tools gives a YouTube experience to the device, application or web page.

Player API, which gives to control the YouTube player using ActionScript or JavaScript and also gives user to use embedded player or chromeless player. Although, embedded player is normal one. But chromeless player is using by web programmer who wants design their own player.

Data API allows a program to perform lots of the operation which are on the YouTube website. Also this program can give permission the user to create, upload videos or modify the playlists. Apart from that, Data API is for developers who wants to do programming in several languages. Also this might be helpful for applications or sites that wants a deeper integration with YouTube. The integration could be a web application, device or desktop application to bring the YouTube experience to a new platform. The advantages are user able to access the video and user information which is stored in YouTube and existing information such as commenting on videos.

Following the video give a brief intro of YouTube


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