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Perpetual Beta

The beta is called as a name in a software company. Also its represents the second stage of the software, which means its test by selected public users. Apart from that, Perpetual beta means that applications are in perpetual test mode and also application are no longer software artefacts, but they are ongoing services. So this has significantly impact on the entire software development and delivery process. However, age of Web 2.0, applications did not provide any new functions only by a single release and new functions would be added on users experience.

According to Alex (2012) ” With beta softwares, there is no guarantee that everything will goes well, but perpetual beta removes most risks because of changes are much smaller “. Perpetual Beta brings benefits to the firm. The reason for that was, customer-oriented and faster reflection. Also below are some methods to do this.

Release early and often 

Software has to be update frequently and fix the bugs or updated to the newer version. So that user could enjoy new features and get the worked done more easily.

Engaging users for test

Its good method to engaging users to access the new features rather than advertising the software.  So that, company would get fast feedback from the users and get the idea how to deliver the software in better way.

Use dynamic tools and languages

Employ platform independent and dynamic languages such as Ruby, Python and some JavaScript are productivity and speed. Also development frame works focus on productivity and simplify such Ruby.

Adobe Creative Suits

Adobe made an online testing centre called as Adobe Lab, which can be access via online and any member able to access this Lab. This software or tool will gives user to get the experience and opportunities such as test, evaluate and run beta versions from the Adobe Lab. Although, Adobe provides fast feed back to their current customers. So that they can get in-touch their customers.

Adobe advertise their beta versions and release their upcoming products , which is a good way of introducing products to the users. Their all products are available on their official web site.

However, this is a powerful software and they followed up good methods to advertise their new products and maintain their brand name well. From those reasons, users are very reliable on using those softwares without any hassle.


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Software above the level of a single device

The Personal Computer called as PC is no longer the access to web because of improvement of mobile device technology and software technology development. Also, there was an huge increment of access to the web using other digital devices such as wii, playstation and smart phones. Stutz.D., as a microsoft developer, mentioned “useful software written above the level of the single device will command high margins for a long time to come.”

Besides, the data hosted in several places such as cloud and internet. These data  are accessing by thin client users who are used to accesses by a web browser. This service is called as Software as a service. Although, user allows to live stream, online conference and post information through large variety of platforms. However, nowadays ubiquitous computing had entered to a new era. That allows users to access the  internet in any time and any where around the world.

Design sharing datas across different type of platforms

Nowadays new product gives more opportunities to connect devices and users at the edge to services at the core. For an example: Nowadays there are heaps of apps supported in mobile devices such as Facebook app.

Turn on data location independently

Users like to save their data into different devices and synchronise to their devices.

Leverage devices as data and rich media sources

Different devices represent data source and rich media to helps to client mobile usage.

Apple Apps Store

Before I express the discussion. I want to share this small video clip. It will gives you a rough idea of iTunes.

This store is a very popular application store around the world and app store allows to access in any time by using any kind of digital device. Because of this store is a web 2.0 application. Also app store supported to get in touch with apple products such as iPhone, iPad, Mac book pro/air.

However, the famous app called as iTunes which is connected to app store straightaway when user login into the iTunes app. Although, user able to leave comments and rating in other people’s comments. That concept came from the idea to extend Web 2.0 to devices. Even-though, Apps store gives user to upload their music and photos to the cloud storage. That feature gives user to get in touch with their app easily. Besides app store has iTunes, which is blocked illegal downloads from hackers.

Moreover, Apps store as a digital business model for apple. According to the Hinchcliffe., D. there were four attributes, which makes  an app store distinct from open software platforms.There were

(1) Distribution and delivery controlled by platform owner

(2) A self-contained application directory and store

(3) Centralized payment process

(4) An application community to drive feedback and quality

In addition, the App store would be upgrade their client software with Web 2.0 application.


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